The Alpha Kappa Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma is a diverse group of men and women from many different backgrounds of education and personal life that are united by their passion for chemistry and science. As a chapter, our aim is to spark an interest in chemistry and science among others in the Charlottesville and UVa community through several service projects, demos, and fun activities. We also strive to create a network of scientists that include both students and professors here at UVa. Many of our brothers are very involved in the science departments at UVa as TAs, researchers, and tutors. We work closely with the Chemistry department faculty, including our faculty advisor James Demas, to create events and opportunities for others to get involved in the sciences.

Member Obligations:

  1. That a member will remember the Objects of the Fraternity and endeavor always to further them.
  2. That a member will pay promptly all financial obligations.
  3. That a member will so act so as never to be a reproach to Alpha Chi Sigma.
  4. That a member will cheerfully fulfill any assigned fraternal tasks.
  5. That a member will maintain as satisfactory a scholastic record as possible.

Membership Dues: $200/semester

Regular Meeting Times: 6:00pm every Sunday at 1713 JPA